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*Formerly Gommage 305

Exfoliating, clarifying gel with extracts of carob, brown seaweed derivative, lime essential oil & vegeatble glycerin.


This gel contains no abrasive grains. It is so gentle it can even be used on eyelids.

  • 4 in 1: exfoliates, hydrates, tones and brightens
  • works to eliminate flaws and dull lifeless cells,
  • helps improve uneven tone and blotchiness,
  • reveals drop-dead gorgeous skin that feels smooth and supple.

Its softness allows to treat the most fragile skins .

GOMMAGE YON-KA is rich in carob and brown algae extracts known for their smoothing and exfoliating actions. The purifying and clarifying essential oil of lime along with soothing white nettle bring light and freshness to dull skins. Vegetal glycerin promotes long lasting hydration.
This 4 in 1 hydrating-exfoliating gel brightens the complexion, smoothes, hydrates and rebalances the skin. Your complexion lights up with a new-found radiance.


Use after cleansing and toning. Apply in athick layer over face, eyelids and neck. Let the skin recondition for 5 mins. Next, eliminate the peels withe fingertips. Finish with cotton dampened with Lotion .


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