YonKa Sensitive Masque 50ml

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The key answer for sensitive skins and prone to redness ! 

The secret of this mask lies in the richness of the precise and expert dosage of this synergetic plant cocktail.

Specifically formulated to help sensitive skins to reinforce their natural ability to protect and regenerate themselves, its soft and silky texture will create a soft calming and repairing cocoon.

Tingling, itching and discomfort will soon be old news, your complexion will be even and radiant again, your skin soothed for a long time.


How To:

1 to 3 times a week, after cleansing and spraying the LOTION YON-KA mist, apply in a think layer locally or to the whole face. let it sit 10 minutes then massage in any excess, using effleurage (light tapping).

If you deem necessary, apply your regular cream onto the face and neck.


Top Tip:

THE YON-KA BONUS: May be used as a "sleeping mask" when applied in a thin layer. 



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