Kérastase Bain Therapiste

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Bain Thérapiste is a shampoo designed for very-damaged, over-processed hair. It coats the fiber during the washing for a deep revitalization, shine, and smoothness.  


  • Envelopes the fiber
  • Repairs past damage
  • Reduce friction
  • Protects from future damage
  • Revitalize the fiber
  • Fiber is shinier and smoother

How to use

Wet the hair adding a bit of water.

Dose 10ml of Bain Thérapiste (a hazelnut size) and work the texture in hands.

Apply at first only on the lengths and ends. Emulsify, beginning at the hair tips throughout the lengths, until the foam is formed.

Then spread the product to the roots, working from the bottom to the top of the hair. Massage and rinse avoiding the frictions.


FIBRA-KAP™: compensate for the missing KAPs and reactive their synthesis.

SP 94

6 amino-acids

1 wheat protein hydrolat

SÈVE DE RÉSURRECTION: well-known for its regenerating power.