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Hair Colour

Our stylists have been trained to the highest standard with only the best products. We use L'OREAL, KERASTASE & AVEDA in our salon when colouring hair.



For the most indepth colour consultation, our Petals colour specialists have specialized training and knowledge specifically in colour, together with expertise in colour change or correction. Please note that colour correction or colour change is a time consuming process, so it is advised that you inform our reception team that you require a colour change and also that you are not under any pressure for time as it can be a lengthy process.

Colour Specialist Price by request.

L'Oreal Hair Colour Permanent                                           from €35
INOA Ammonia Free Colour;                                             from €45
Masking;                                                                            from €20
Semi - Permanent;                                                            from €35
Floodlites;                                                                          from €29
Foil/Meche Hi Lites Full Head;                                          from €70
Foil/Meche Hi Lites Half Head;                                          from €50
T-Bar;                                                                                 from €35
Colour Cleanse;                                                                  from €40

Balyage:                                                                              From €45

Colour Change/Correction:                                                Price by consultation

** Patch Test is required for all new clients 24 hours prior to appointment**





Aveda full spectrum hair color is up to 99% naturally derived* using plant power instead of petrochemicals for amazing color that you can feel good about.               

Masking;                                                                                             €25
Semi - Permanent;                                                                            from €39
Permanent Colour                                                                             from €39
Floodlights;                                                                                         from €29
Full Head Hi Lites;                                                                              from €80
Half Head Hi Lites;                                                                             from €65
T-Bar;                                                                                                   from €40
AVEDA Rituals with head massage;                                                from €15

** Patch test is required for all new clients 24 hours prior to appointment**



Fusio Dose - Tailor Made Indept Treatment;  €15
Volumorphose (Like Botox for Hair)  €15
Kerastase Chronologiste (Caviar for hair)  €22

Please note that we require a 24 hour Patch Test before all colouring. Prices do not include Cut and Finish.