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Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser (Dry)

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Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser

If you love the ease and feel of cleansing with water, but your skin doesn t, then this one s for you. Two one-step cleansers enriched with essential waters.

With Peach Essential Water Normal or Dry Skin
Perfect for skin that doesn t like water, this cleanser contains an essential water. This is an active ingredient, obtained through a process of steam distillation, making it rich in all the beneficial properties of the plants from which it s been extracted. In this case, Peach was selected for its soothing, softening and conditioning benefits. And because these no-rinse One-Step Cleansing Waters are so quick, efficient and easy to use, they re perfect for the gym, office, beach, travelling and whenever else a busy woman might need a cleanser on-the-go!


Simply soak a cotton wool pad in one of the One-Step Cleansing Waters and gently sweep over the face to remove surface grime and light make-up in a single step. And there s no need to rinse. Can be used morning and evening.?