Clarins Multi-Active Day Lotion SPF 15

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Multi-Active Day Protection Plus Lotion SPF 15

The perfect summer formula. An intelligent daytime moisturiser which minimises the damage caused by everyday aggressors, with the added plus of UV protection.

Youthful Vitality - All Skin Types
A lightweight day lotion with an intelligent formula which progressively releases its active ingredients throughout the day. It protects the skin from the line-inducing stresses of daily life - temperature fluctuations, light, movement and pollution. It also has the added benefit of protecting the skin from the ageing effects of UV with the additional benefit of an SPF of 15. Suitable for all skin types.


Apply in the morning to thoroughly cleansed face and neck. To extend its line-prevention benefits during the night, use Multi-Active Night Cream or Lotion in the evening.